TPS, Incorporated / Technical Translation Services
in Yokohama, Japan
TPS, Incorporated / Technical Translation Services
in Yokohama, Japan
TPS, Incorporated / Technical Translation Services
in Yokohama, Japan

Specialized Fields

TPS started out as a corporate translation/publishing division handling large-volume documentation for electronic switching systems, for translation from Japanese into English and Spanish, and vice versa. Our services have since branched into a diversity of fields. Below lists some of the fields for which TPS has provided its services. (For confidentiality reasons, client names are withheld.)

Devices and other electronics

Devices and other electronicsCustom LSIs, steppers (semiconductor exposure apparatus), data storage, printers, fax machines, scanners, OCR, ultrasound imaging, electronic measuring instrumentation, electron microscopy, semiconductor inspection, medical equipment, image analysis, image management, image measurement, cell culture observation devices


ComputersDocument management systems, application development support software, groupware, supply chain planning, data warehousing, database management, universal application platform products, finger vein authentication, information leakage prevention software, integrated system management middleware, authentication server programs, distributed management middleware, security management, game frameworks


TelecommunicationsCommunication: GPS, IP-PBX, PHS, videoconferencing, mobile phones


Mobile: LTE, Femtocell, CDMA, WiMAX, TDMA, WIPAS, WLL, FWA

Communication networks

Communication networksITS (Intelligent Transport Systems), FL-NET, RAID storage, SAN, servers/blade servers, network management systems, broadband gateways, routers/switches, server-side platforms

Information control systems

Information control systemsPower IT solutions, power protection/control systems, power electronics, high-pressure direct inverters, programmable controllers, memory management tools, real-time control servers, industrial computers (incl. Linux-based), information control platforms, computer numerical control (CNC)

Other fields

Other fieldsE-commerce, ISO, plant control, electronic money systems, contactless IC cards, digital copyright management systems, railway standards, medical equipment, ocean research and development, food analysis equipment, aeronautical systems, AED (automatic external defibrillators), image drawing engines, ECG (electrocardiographs), EEG (electroencephalographs), artificial respirators, medical monitors, patient monitoring systems, ECG analyzers, passenger systems, RFID, Eco-Cute (natural-refrigerant, heat pump water heaters)